In collaboration with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, 92Y will release a series of compelling educational videos on subjects ranging from Iran to education, from poverty to the environment—powerful mini-classes with some of the best teachers in the country, always at no cost. Keep watching the site for the videos beginning in April!

Live From 92Y

re:constitution: An Unconventional Conversation

Imagine spending a long, hot summer cooped up in an un-air-conditioned room with 55 other people, some of whom you detest and vehemently disagree with. You’re away from home, family and friends and woozy from cider and beer (the water in the area isn’t particularly safe). And your task? Create an entirely new form of government, unlike anything seen in human history, and make it flexible and strong enough to last.

Live From 92Y

Live from New York’s 92 Street Y and Webcasting

92Y is about bringing people together and forming community, as we have for over 100 years. Technology allows us to continue to do this on a grander scale every year, in new and innovative ways. Many of our events are now satellite broadcast around North America, to community centers, houses of worship, hospitals and nursing homes, and educational institutions in large cities and small towns. Many other events are webcast on our site and on partner sites. Conversations that happen on our stage now ignite conversation and dialogue for a greater audience than ever before.


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